Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) is an unlisted public company whose shareholders in the main are Australian Superannuation Funds. AAL was the successful bidder for the rights to lease and operate Adelaide and Parafield Airport for an initial term of 50 years, with a right of renewal for a further 49 years from the date of effect 28 May 1998.

Adelaide Airport is the major gateway to South Australia and services international, domestic and regional flights with a total passenger throughput (unaudited) in 2012/13 in excess of 7.3 million passengers per annum and 101,615 aircraft movements.


Adelaide Airport is located six kilometres due west of the CBD of Adelaide and two kilometres from the shores of Gulf St Vincent, with Parafield Airport being 19 kilometres to the north-east of the CBD adjacent the major Adelaide to Darwin railway line and Main North Road.

Both airports are surrounded by recent residential, recreational and light industry developments.